Tokunbo Babalola

Director of operations

Educated in the University of Buckingham UK and Robert Kennedy College Switzerland, Mr Babalola has had over 10 years experience working in various industries in Nigeria.

Habeeb O. Gbadamosi

Principal Project Manager

Educated and trained in the US, Habeeb Gbadamosi has worked as a senior computer analyst in the World Bank office Washington DC.

Kunle Ladejobi

Networking Specialist/Mobile software solutions consultant (US)

Kunle Ladejobi is a trained IT networking specialist. He is the IT Manager at the Congressional Office of Compliance Washington DC

Femi Doherty

Financial software solutions consultant (US)

Femi Doherty is an experienced International financial consultant with global organizations including Deutsche Bank NY and Citibank NY.

Oluwakemi Babalola

Finance and Administrative Director

Mrs Kemi Babalola is a seasoned and well trained administrator of people and material resources.